You are the canvas of your future.


I have been posting on Facebook with a focus on the insecurities of people who deliberately hurt others.  

This is another form of Self-Sabotage; low Self-Esteem and the behaviour of a sad, sad person.  It is our commitment to ourself to be “Proactive” as opposed to “Reactive” in our response to the hurtful comments.  Send these unhappy people loads of love.  They need it.  Do not take on their pain.  Taking on such behaviour that doesn’t belong to you causes you unnecessary Stress, Anxiety and can cause you Depression.  You deserve far more than this.  

Maybe visualise you have a big net that captures their Hurt, Pain and Shame and put all this in a big white bubble filled with Healing Energy.  Sounds silly BUT you do not want to take on this sad energy into your Body, Mind and Spirit.  

You can say these Affirmation whenever you think of them “I Bless you with pure love and light.  I Bless you and cover you with Purified Healing Energy”.   

Say to yourself “I Bless Myself with pure love and light.”  “I love myself, I do love myself, I love myself unconditionally.  All doors are open to me now”.  “I am open and receptive to all the good and only all the good coming into my life now and always”.  

When you say and believe and want “all the good and only all the good coming into your life now and always” understand that some of the people in your life may not be part of “all the good coming into your life”.  Remember, life is not easy and we need to take Responsibility.  Practice goes towards growing in a Healthy, Spiritual manner.

I have had this happen with so many Clients over the 30+ years of Counselling.  The following week they would come back a little anxious, depressed and stressed telling me how their “good” friend had betrayed them or done something unexpected to hurt the relationship.  

I remind them they asked for all the good and “only” all the good coming into their life now and always.  After time they realise that this disappointment and stress was such a Blessing.  They have more energy.  That “supposed friend” was taking their energy and joy without them realising.  Take responsibility for what you say you want in your life. 

Most of us want close to a  Stress Free, Healthy, Happy Life of Abundance.  Whether you are 15 or 85 you are still responsible for the thoughts and energy you accept into your life.

I wish you all love, happiness, good health and especially good mental health and an abundance of life’s joys.


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