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Recent research by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council identifies Health and Community Services as the industry having Australia’s highest incidence of mental stress: –

As prudent financial managers, Australian industry provides for annual, sick and long service leave; but we tend to overlook the $14.81 billion expended on stress related illness during 2009/10. The deficit in efficiency dividend from excessively stressed staff is immeasurable and would certainly exceed any published data.

It is important to consider the steep increase in stress and its financial burden to Australian Businesses.

$2,605,560 was spent by employees due to absenteeism as a result of mental health problems in 1992/93
$8,655,942 was spent by employees due to absenteeism as a result of mental health problems in 1999/00
2009 the massive jump to $4.3 billion
This does NOT need to be the situation in your Corporation.

Elizabeth Rae of Fast Track Successes has had over 20 years experience in this field and has advised large organisations in Europe and Australia.

Managed stress provides needed stimulus to optimise output, conversley unmanaged stress is destructive!

Awareness and application of techniques taught permit your Organisation to have more finances to enhance productivity and increase the bottom line “profit”.

Outcome includes-

Identify the potential stressors
Learn control measures to minimise stressors
Identify the danger signals that lead to “burn out”.
Identify the physical, psychological and behavioural signs of stress
Develop control measures to minimise stressors
Review control measures
Identify the environmental causes of stress
Identify limited thinking and limited working patterns
Your organisational benefits include: –

Recharged energy levels
Controlled anxiety and depression
Increased productivity and personal effectiveness
Workplace harmony and respect
Reduced absenteeism
Decreased accident rate
Decreased need for overtime
Decreased staff turnover
Lessened litigation risk
Increased clarity, wisdom and peace of mind
Reduced stress with simple breathing and meditation techniques
Reduced fears and worries about “perceived” changes
Greater job interest and satisfaction
“Occupational Stress Management for Workplace Health and Safety” simplifies work situations to encourage more proactive behaviour by observing self-talk and “perception”, reducing harmful “stress energy” and increasing team productivity.

Stress is recognise as a major cause of mental health problems in the workforce today.

Retirement, redundancies will be inevitable. Wisdom and increased productivity is a choice.

Fast Track Successes programs are forward thinking proactive programs looking to the future. These are conducted on professional, friendly, and good fun way.

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