Radiant Women

Free To Be “Exceptional” Me

Luxuriate in radiant beauty of your life and the gifts of the Universe that are a natural part of your life.

This is a program for women of all ages who chose to ignore the chronological process and enjoy the process of enriching and rejuvenating their mind, body and spirit.

“Awareness of the Moment” and “Living in the Now”, enriches our life without the boundaries of past hurts and pain and heals the fear of the future.

Every thought we have affects a part of our body.

Every angry, negative thought increases the ageing process.

Every positive, healing thought increases the body’s ability to heal.

Change you thought process, change old habits, and accept the gift, your right, to move on to a more youthful, fun loving, healthy longevity.

Love yourself with the gentle warmth in your heart. That same warmth you feel when you see a baby or a tiny animals. Your heart melts for them ….. now let your heart melt for YOU.

You deserve it.

Enjoy that continual feeling of “Free to Be Me”

“Relaxation to Realization” is Easy. A few Fun Steps for YOU to enjoy.

Inspiring “YOU” to find the Radiance Within

Radiant Women small group


This is the first step to finding to the Spiritual, Authentic You

“After 15 years I am now free from taking anti-depressants.

Now I know I am not a chronically depressed person. I can’t thank you

enough for what you have done for me in the past few months.

You have virtually saved and changed my life. Thank God.”

                                                                                                       Maureen Mc

Be empowered to be the Best Version of “YOUR” Authentic Self”

Enjoy Your Natural Ageless Beauty

Bloom and reconnect to your “Passion”

Luxuriate in the “Radiant Beauty” of your life and limitless gifts of the Universe.

Luxuriating should be a natural part of your life. YOU will have a day of FUN, SHARING and “Radiance”

with women of all ages.

  • Invite your “Group” to Share your Passion
  • Combine “Radiant Energies” and increase your Vibrational Benefits
  • Raise Spiritual Vibrations
  • Share the LOVE of like-minded “Radiant Women” with a Passion.
  • Ignore the chronological aging process. AGE is purely a state of mind.
  • Enjoy the process of enriching and rejuvenating your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Your Spirituality is your real Feminine Beauty

Your real beauty is your feminine glow

It reflects in your Eyes. ………

                                                          Sophia Loren

This can be YOU.

Energies are strengthened when shared and joined within your Group.

These precious energies are a Gift you can share and pass on to loved ones.

Open your Heart and just Share what you have learned and encompassed on your journey.

Happ(Y)(I)ness is the n(U)cleus of your Journey.

ChristmasMy U3A class

Ladies and men at "Radiant Women Workshop". Yes, the men loved it too.  







We learned a lot from the men too.

You may be surprised to know that the men all thought a woman's heart and

attitude is far more important than her looks !!!


For further information on having a day of “Luxurating in Your Radiance” and Increasing YOUR Vibrational Energy please email:


For Personal Motivation and Achievement Sessions contact elizabethrae889@optusnet.com.au for Skype details.


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