Fast Track Successes

You Can Change your Brain

Fast Track Success provides primarily a motivational and couselling Service in Stress Management and Personal Development.  This extends to the vital areas of Business and Professional Coaching.

This coaching is provided in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere most often on a one to one basis.  For the busy executive whose time is already limited, coaching sessions are held by telephone.

I embrace the totality of your situation using techniques combined with a natural compassion and genuineness as an integral part the counselling session.

I encourage people to look inside to find their self-worth and take responsibility for themselves and for the happenings around them.

I also have held Seminars in the past and intend continuing into the future.  These seminars revolve around “Harnessing Corporate Energy in the Workplace.

To harness these energies it is imperative for the participants to get to know themselves, their self-worth and reduce stress enabling them to function at a higher level of efficiency and productivity.  I encourage al participants to allow themselves to be empowered by their self-worth not disempowered by the circumstances surrounding them.

I believe I achieve this through gentleness, humour and presenting relevant research material and statistics to uphold my presentation.

I believe the target market is unlimited.  The slash and burn techniques of the past years may have subsided.  The latest business economic changes appear to be in the area of outsourcing with the result of inevitable retrenchment in most areas of businesses today.

Fear of retrenchment brings the obvious fears and stresses.  I believe with encouragement to look at the changes with a more positive outlook would build a stronger character and result in a more easy transition for the “Old” circumstances to the “New”!!

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