Jack Collis: Australian best selling author of “Yes You Can” ; “Work Smarter Not Harder” and many more best selling Motivational Books wrote:

“I have known Elizabeth for many years and have always been impressed by her dedication and commitment to her cause which is to help people to know themselves and to build happiness and success in their life.”




John Gray Ph.D.: world’s best selling author “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” wrote:

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island

“Celebrate Life” is from the heart ……………. a real inspiration.




Natalie Cook: Gold Medalist, Sydney 2000

natalie er


“I recommend Elizabeth Rae for Stress Management and Personal Development.”




Kathy D  “I was retrenched… my self esteem and confidence was low. Elizabeth gently guided me through several planning and positive mind-changing techniques… I am more self-confident and moving fast from one success to another. Eighteen months on I am now a State Manager.”  10 years later is now opening stores in New York.

Amanda R:  You know the best gift you gave me, was teaching me my self-worth in life.  To stand up for myself and to not be afraid of being honest.

Thank you.  You taught me to become a better person, happier and to let go of things that pull me down.. Our 1 hour chats sometimes just mean more to me then anything.

Your are so amazing and I value you so much in my life. Thankyou xx

Noel C   Senior Public Servant    “When I first met Elizabeth, I was unsure of my future direction and caught in a personal and career rut with limited potential for future growth. In just two years now I run my own successful consultancy company as well as a growing property portfolio. I have regained control of my life and future aim. Elizabeth provides solid “all round” support that builds both your personal and business skills in tandem. The combination of executive coaching, personal counseling and financial advice has made the difference. I am now more confident and prepared to grow as a person, confident that I have built the necessary foundations in life to see it through.” David G “I was depressed, had no self-confidence or social life. I have now gained my Assoc. Dip., have a full social life, and am working full time. Elizabeth’s techniques work!” Gary Lake: (PhD Wisconsin Academy. USA) “My one relaxation session with you in 1997 was memorable. I can still hear your voice and feel the inner peace I felt then. This has lasted to this day, some nine months later.” Maureen McA After 15 years I am now free from taking anti-depressants. Now know I am ot a chronically depressed person. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me in the past few months. You have virtually changed my life, thank God. Sharyn W When I first saw Elizabeth she literally opened her front door and gave me; big hug! Her warmth and willingness to help people is just amazing. After …… I started experiencing debilitating anxiety attacks. Elizabeth counselled me and showed me the correct relaxation techniques to use to prevent these attacks. I am so thankful to have my life back. I feel better than I ever have and feel a more relaxed and happy person.

A Selection of Comments by Employees attending “Assured Success” Corporate Stress Management “Assured Success” Workshops…For the first time, I felt that I was not alone in the company and it dawned on me that many of my colleagues faced similar challenges and had concerns that needed to be addressed, as I did, at work and in the course of our work. David R…I was able to discover and feel the human aspect of interpersonal relationships at work, though I knew that it was important in an academic way to “get along with each other” in other words, tolerate each other’s habits and not know what triggers it all. Bill H…Your first session, in fact the first 4 hours, helped bridge that gap for understanding each other better. ……… committed towards building better interpersonal relationships and creating a better working environment where we can get the best out of each other and the business. Ray G…I would like to see you as my partner in progress and success, which ultimately translates to …better productivity, happiness and personal satisfaction at work. G.C.
…Most Rewarding
…Discovering others’ needs and feeling about life and work has been beneficial both personally and for increased productivity
…The most rewarding were the meditation techniques and exercises.
…Seeing “J” having the power to achieve was wonderful. If he can take the leap I too can be the best.
…Learning the “Why” is big enough the “How To” will follow. Eye opening.
…Realize I must take control of my life. I need to make better decisions.
…Self-Esteem and Validation are the areas I need to focus on more.
…What I have taken away from “Assured Success” is the need for Planning. Meditatation and Exercises helps reducing stress and results will be “becoming more efficient”.
…Relaxing help productivity, contrary to working hard and longer.
…How much “positive thinking” help has been remarkable. Well presented, educational and so much fun.
…I need to be more focused. Implement goals I have sset for myseslf.
…I learned to value myself. Have more fun = more energy and increases profits.
…Positivity. Not responsible for others. Focus on my Goals.
…Self-Empowerment Statements. Take control of my own life.
…Goals and “To Do” List. I am a winner.
…The Best Seminar I have ever been to.

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