Self Sabotage


Why oh why does all this "bad stuff" keep happening to me?   

A friend was stressing about all that needed to be done with her investments so she could have a greater income.

I said "when will you realise how much $ it is costing you to be "Stressed?""

Her reply was "yes you are right. I shall get rid of my negative outlook.  Maybe the best thing to do is to free myself from these non-serving investments.   Then I will be fine !!!!!

Can you relate to spending your time worrying about something you can't change? 

Do you waste your energy on negativity?

This is Self-Sabotage at its best.

Everything we Think, Say and Do is energy. 

I would highly recommend to fix the reasons for stressing. Learn coping skills and still have a fantastic investment in self. How often do we give in to a knee jerk reaction?

Do you find when everything seems to be going well for you that something happens and all that gain has been lost?

What was your childhood like?  Your childhood is what I refer to as "your home in your mind".  If you were not encouraged and praised as a child home to you is this lack of sense of self-worth.  Your subconscious will sabotage the good to bring back that familiar feeling of "home" and all the wonderful happenings seems to just go down the drain.

This seems overly simplistic.  However, life and problem solving general is must successful when approaching from the basic thought processes.

How much is self-sabotage, negativity costing you Financially, Emotionally, Socially and within your Family?

Are you prepared to farewell the Self-Sabotage and welcome in a new, exciting, productive and happy life?  If you answer "yes" give me a call.  I am happy to have a chat about the changes you can make and enjoy your new life.  The choice is yours.  Don't waste one minute of your life.  Let the following Affirmations be your story .........

"I am excited about the person I can be"

"I am open an receptive to all the good coming into my life now and always"

Warmly Elizabeth