My “FREE TO BE (EXCEPTIONAL) ME” Program is a STEP by STEP process removing pain from hurtful, destructive memories, giving freedom from Childhood and Emotional Pain.

Accept the “Freedom” to Transform your Emotional Life NOW

This Transformation Program takes people who are generally considered to be of healthy-mind to higher and greater levels of “EMOTIONAL FREEDOM” to be empowered and achieve their greatest desires.

Are you aware that when we sleep our eyes move from side to side that is called REM or Rapid Eye Movement. This releases a lot of the tension of the day.

My skill as a Therapist is to work with the client to find the minds most relevant memories and worries once that is established in the right place (Full consciousness) at the Right time (as the eyes are moving) all the recipient has to do is cooperate.
I found a wonderful addition to my list of therapies. R.E.M. Therapy. Why I do use this REM Therapy. I use all my skills combined with intuition and compassion to get trust and validation before taking this massive relatively easy and fast REM Therapy to remove that pain permanently. The memory and vision is NOT removed. You do not live in DENIAL. You live in the present, still aware of the past without the pain and fear moving forward with renewed strength and “Be Empowered.”Benefits of Psychoanalytic Therapy

What is REM Release Therapy

The Process is R.E.M. Release works at a deeper level than the relaxation, positive self talk and changing of attitudes. It naturally releases the negative mental, physical and emotion energy i.e. “Stress” from the “Stressors” i.e. causes and trigger point for your Stress.
It a simple Therapy that removes the pain and fear from experiences that have had a profound adverse affect on the person who is of a healthy mind. I encourage you to watch the link below with former Psychiatrist, Dr John Buttsworth who bought EMDR to Australia and refined it to suit his Therapy Techniques for his clients.

Viewing this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIOnqgSjg9k  provides more empowerment to the viewer as to the benefits of this fast actin Therapy.  You will see Dr John Buttsworth interviewed with witnesses the massacre on August 9, 1987 and the The Granville rail disaster on 18 January 1977 at Granville, a suburb in Western Sydney, Australia.  This was when a crowded commuter train derailed, running into the supports of a road bridge collapsing onto two of the train’s passenger carriages.

These people who are now "Trauma Free" and give their account of why is REM Release therapy so successful?

REM Release is a development of EMDR which was discovered by Francine Shapiro, a US Psychologist. It is the positively energising effect of naturally releasing the negative mental energy (emotional pain, PTSD) attached to memories. It is done with alert cooperation.

Formerly, highly successful Psychiatrist Dr John Buttsworth developed REM Release and says “Subsequently I have developed REM to take normal, healthy-minded people, to higher and exceptional levels of performance – to achieve personal bests and empower themselves, their relationships and their work.”

Like any Therapy “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. One must be willing to release the habit of “Fear and Pain”. This is one reason why I do not use this REM Therapy immediately. I use all my skills combined with intuition and compassion to get trust and validation before taking this massive but relatively easy REM Therapy to remove that pain permanently. The memory and vision is NOT removed. You do not live in DENIAL. You live in the present still aware of the past without the pain and fear and move forward with renewed strength and empowered.
I am proud to say I was introduced to REM Release by Dr John some 20 + years ago. I found it helpful and put it in my “must try later basket”. Dr John described it as cleaning a chalk board. The dust is left but not the vision.

About 10 years ago I asked John if he would see me to remove some painful emotions of childhood. This was amazing. I was exhausted but kept one with the session (if my clients sat through their “pain releasing” sessions I could too). I slept for about 2 days after and my life changed.

We have worked on several issues and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I have been sick most of my life. Always exhausted and 20 years ago was told my kidneys and liver were going backwards so to speak. I had been highly successful during these years and then crashed.
My subconscious belief system was “how could I be healthy if my mum got sick because of my birth.” This belief was annihilated and my health has gone from strength to strength.

I am now 71 and starting on a new phase of life with strength and dynamic enthusiasm.

REM sleep is the brain’s natural way of re-processing our days memories by releasing negative emotional energy. It is the brains natural healing mechanism and is why we feel better after a good nights sleep.

I’m sure we all remember occasionally waking and saying we had a restless nights sleep. That was probably the effects of REM sleep.

Most have also been told if you go to bed with a question on your mind you should have the answer in the morning. That is your subconscious removing the baggage and allowing your inner-wisdom to come to the fore. Remove the subconscious “stress” and allow your vibrant intelligence to process and communicate directly to you (bypassing the maze of negative energy)

REM Release accelerates this process making the re-processing dramatically more effective! You are awake, aware and willing to change your old negative, emotionally painful life to one of joy, enthusiasm, joy, love and success. This is powerful energy. You are the fully functioning Power House!!

According to Dr John’s research he says this is how REM and EMDR “detoxify the brain and relieve stress. Dr John says “REM can quickly, in weeks – not months or years or never – release the negative mental pain from painful memories acquired up to decades previously.

You still remember the traumatic or painful event without feeling the anxiety, pain and emotional hurt.
“You are Free to be Exceptionally and Emotionally FREE”