POSITIVE THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS AND GRATITUDE will bring an Abundance of Blessings from the Universe

The Universe Blesses when you allow. I am strong on advising that things happen at the right time for the right reason. (Proviso keep positive and praise in the face of adversity). Yes, I have been highly successful in business many years ago. That was how I got into Business and made a fortune. For many years, due to chronic fatigue, I didn’t work. It wasn’t until I started giving THANKS for the illness and verbalising “maybe this life I am meant to rest … is that what the Universe is telling me”. That was when my life turned around. I started to get healthier. Met the right people, Drs, friends who talked sense about tests etc. Yes, it has taken a long time to be on my feet. My gift from the Universe. I am been Blessed with being given time to see who cared, who I had to love, forgive and move forward leaving the door open for when they chose to join. Now I am being offered work. ? Still don’t know how to apply for a job. I was always head hunted which sounds wonderful. The other side I don’t know how to apply BUT the Universe has blessed my Intentions and Actions and the “River of Happiness, Opportunity and Abundance is flowing”. 0xx00x0xx0 Love and hugs to all 0x0x0xx0

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