Embrace your ability to increase loving Vibrational Energy

Movement is happening. The only way I can explain it is we are like a little ant on a leaf on a stream. Sometimes the stream is flowing fast, sometimes slow and something it just appears to be still. Something is happening all the time, out of our control. If we try to do too much we will fall overboard and drown. Our best purpose is to sit, relax, wait and listen ………………… Visualize the swans.  They appear to be so gracefully gliding along when in fact they are pedalling like crazy underneath. They are keeping their brain calm, focused allowing the wisdom to flow. If they encounter an obstacle they gracefully glide around it. A human would try to move it, fall over it, break their leg and drown. ? Be very proud of where you are and take time.  Give yourself a massive hug. You deserve it. YOU ARE LOVED AND LOVING !!!!

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