Do you consider yourself NORMAL ?

This is such an interesting question to me. I have clients say to me “I get stressed, anxious, a little depressed, angry, unreasonable from time to time. Most times I am happy, compassionate and helpful.” Does this make me “normal”? I guess this is all a matter of interpretation. What do you think?

We all have many sub-personalities that express themselves at times accordingly to our environment which does affect our moods. What is your main personality? That doesn’t matter at this point in time. What does matter is the seemingly inherent need to be considered “Normal”

Do not abuse you intelligence, integrity and self-esteem by attempting to be “UNAUTHENTIC”

“BE AUTHENTIC YOU” It takes less energy and your vibrational energy is far higher allowing you to help and inspire not only yourself but thousands of others.

BEING AUTHENTIC is an expression of “I AM free to be BE”.

NORMAL to me means “oh yes, shock, horror dare I be so vulgar as to say …….MENTALLY CONSTIPATED”.
Common on now lets get real. Do you want to put yourself in a box saying “I am this person, that person, … all a perception of lack of reality.

Constipation has such a vivid meaning to all (particularly as one gets a little older) and it then typified what you DO NOT WANT in you life.

How do you feel when you are constipated? Sluggish, sick, irritable and damaging your internal organ to boot.

Do you want that for your precious organ “Your Brain”. No of course not. Therefore, hold your head high, walk tall and be a creative best image and example of yourself. Be proud to say “I do not consider myself “normal” in today’s society.”

I am FREE to be “Extraordinary Me”.

Love hugs and live life to the fullest. You deserve it. Your family and friends deserve it and the Universe deserves your “Authentic You”

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